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Fake hadith & Imams
A person told a Hadith on behalf of Imam Malik to Abu Hanifa that wudhu (ablution) is half of faith. Imam Abu Hanifa responded, You shud perform two ablutions so that ur faith can become whole.
(Khateeb Baghdadi 13:387)
Abu Hanifa should have bin flogged since he accepted only 17 Ahadith. (Khateeb 13:387)

Imam Shafii called Abu Hanifa the worst of creation.(Tarikh Khateeb Baghdadi)
Abu Hanifa is no less than Iblees and Dajjal. (Imam Malik, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396)

Imam Shafi was the biggest Criminal who told people first time that consider forged hadith as same as Book of Allah
Abu Hanifa declared that Imam Malik was a man without any sense. (Tahqiq-il-Mazahib)
Abu Hanifa called Imam Jafar Sadiq and Imam Malik as the worst of creations. (Tareekh Khateeb Baghdadi)
Imam Shafii called Abu Hanifa the worst of creation.(Tareekh Khateeb Baghdadi)
Abu Hanifa had no trace of the knowledge of Deen. (Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396)
Majority today follow these Imams instead of following Quran! Quran explains itself
Should we follow imams or Quran? Quran explains itself
Imam Naafe said, Imam Shafii committed the most grievous crime, calling Hadith as another form of revelation.
He equated Hadith with Wahi. (Tahqiq-il-Mazahib) - Imam Shafi was among the biggest Mushraks and Criminals of Islam. Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal was apparently a vanguard of Islam, but in truth, he was a dangerous hypocrite.

(Mujahid-al-Munafiq Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, by Abdul Muhsin bin Mullah Ali Al-Qari, pg 67-135)
Should we follow Imams or Quran which explains itself? Abu Hanifa is no less than Iblees and Dajjal. (Imam Malik, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396).
The worst of all people in Islam is Abu Hanifa. He is Dajjal.

(Abdur Rahman Bin Mahdi, Imam Ozaai, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:498)
Imam Yahya bin Moin said that Iman Hanbal was a hidden Sabai (a bitter, hateful Shia). (Tahqiq-il-Mazahib)
Should we follow Imams or Quran which explains itself?
Abu Hanifa said that the Imams of Islam are worse than the crawling creatures. (Durre-Mukhtar)
Abu Hanifa says, Be the curse of Allah on those who call themselves Imams Imam Malik, Shafii and
Jafar Saadiq were deceitful liars and sodomites. (Tahqiq-il-Mazahib)
Imam Jafar Sadiq himself was a master forger, but he called all Imams of Figh and the hadith narrators

 as the worst creatures under the heavens.(Tahqiq-il-Mazahib)
Should we follow Imams or Quran which explains itself? Jalaluddin Rumi narrated in his Mathnavi, These four (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Hanbal, and Shafii) have carved four religions out of one Islam. They have created irreconcilable divisions in the Deen of Nabi (S).
Kafir Imam of Kafir Shias - Read it & get enlightened & go in ecstasy

Around 140 Al-Hijra, the tomb of the Prophet (S) needed repairs. Builders asked Imam Jafar Sadiq whether it was right to climb the roof. The Imam responded, "Maybe you will find him engaged in sex with one of his wives."
(Usool-e-Kafi, Imam Kaleeni, Kitabil Hujjat 1:452)
Should we follow Imams, or Quran which explains itself? Listen your imam and get enligtened
Hazrat Ali should have been the first Khalifa. But he rebelled prematurely and got humiliated. Then Hazrat Usman played with the Quran as he liked. Amir Muawiya used to drink alcohol. Hazrat Ali drank heavily during Jahiliyah and later on in hiding.

(Musnad-e-Ahmed bin Hanbal and Manaqib Ahmed bin Hanbal pg 168)
----------- Att: Worshipers of Imam Ibne Kathir
The earth is resting on the horns of a great bull. When he shakes his head he brings earthquakes.
(Ibne Kathir 2:29, 50:1).
Then Ibne Kathir changes his mind: The earth is resting on a fish. The fish is resting on water, water on the Mount Safa in Makkah, Safa on an angel, the angel on a rock, the rock on air. When the fish moves, it causes earthquakes.
(Imam Ibne Kathir, Tafseer part I pg 76)
We have quoted this scientific research of Imam Ibne Kathir for those impostor Mallahs who tell Muslims that the best Tafseer of Quran is of Ibne Kathir! How can we trust the tafseer of an imam who is so ignorant that he writes in his book that "The earth is resting on a fish".

Allah says, his Book is easy to understand, is complete, and it explains itself. So u do not need any twisted Tafseer. If Arabic is not your mother tongue, u just need a honest translation, which is available for free download at: "Message of Quran"

Allama Shibli Nomani, on page 27 of his Seeratun Nabi has given a startling quote of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (780-855 CE, d. 241 AH), "Three kinds of books are absolutely unfounded, Maghazi, Malahem and Tafseer. (The exalted Prophet's Battles, Dreams and Prophecies, and Expositions of the Quran). ------------ Instead of Following Quran, unfortunately majority follows blindly some Nasty Stantic Mullahs: read below and get enlightened.

"Take the front leg of a goat after Friday prayers. Be completely naked. Write Surah Yasin of Quran and the name of the person you desire. Then place the meat in a cooking pot. That person will surely fall in love with you". (Mullah Ashraf Ali Thanwi, known as Hakeem-ul-Ummat
(The Wise of the Nation), Monthly "Khalid", Deoband Darul Uloom)
Note: Millions of ignorant Muslims of Indo-Pak used to consider this Satan Mullah a Saint & bigggg Scholar - What a shame?

A big but a nasty Mullah tells you how to benefit from the BOOK of Allah: Just read & get enlightened
If you wish to kill ur enemy, write A to T on a piece of bread. Recite Surah Ar-Ra'ad. Break the bread into 5 pieces & feed them to five dogs. Say to these dogs, Eat the flesh of my enemy. BY THE WILL OF ALLAH, UR enemy will have huge boils on his body.
(Mullah Ashraf Ali Thanwi, known as Hakeem-ul-Ummat (The Wise of the Nation), Monthly "Khalid", Deoband Darul Uloom).
Note: Millions of ignorant Muslims of Indo-Pak used to consider this Satan Mullah a Saint & bigggg Scholar
The best Fatwa ever given by a TOP Saudi Scholar - SubhanAllah

Chief Saudi Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz, issued a Fatwa in 1970: Whoever believes that the Earth moves around the Sun, or that man has landed on the moon is an ardent Kaafir. Furthermore, anyone doubting his infidelity would be a greater Kaafir and his wife would be automatically divorced from him. It would be haram to marry into his family, drink water in his house, pray behind him, or to attend his funeral prayer
Nehjul Balagha is a book believed by millions (Shias) to be the most authentic book on earth after the Quran.
Woman is a scorpion
that may please the heart but never refrains from stinging.
Woman is all evil. The greater evil is that there is no subsistence without her.
Women are deficient in intellect. Beware of even the good women.
(from Nehjul Balagha)
Our Note: Truth is that Woman is the best scent of this world, It is woman who is mother of all Prophets & Saints.
Were these Imams Muslim or Criminal disguised Parsi & Magian enemies of Islam?
Our research prove- they were criminals.
Ayesha narrated that the Prophet used to suck on her tongue while he was fasting. [asnad Ahmad 6:123, Abu Dawood 15:237, Baihaqi 4:234]
 Did these three Imams have any shame?
Witness of Allah: Allah says to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Noble Quran: "Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a greatest morality/character". [Noble Quran verse 68:4] -------------------- Now we see the real face of another Munafik Imam
A woman, Sehla, said to the mother of believers, Ayesha, My husband's young servant, Salem, sometimes approaches me when I am in a thin, see-through nightdress. Ayesha advised Sehla to let Salem suckle on her breast five times. Ayesha used to advise her sisters and nieces, If any unrelated man visits your houses often, suckle him on your breasts five times, even if he happens to be a grown-up man.

 (Masnad Ahmed bin Hanbal 6:27)
More flowers from Parsi Imams of Hadith books
Hazrat Ali led Salaat-il-Maghrib, but he was drunk and recited the Quran wrong.
(Abu Dawood in his collection of Hadith, Seerat-un-Nabi by Allama Shibli Namani 2:88)
  More crap from Parsi Imams of Hadith Books:
The (woman) who buried a girl alive and the girl who was buried will both go to hell.
(Mishkat, Babul Qadar-wal-Imaan).

What was the fault of the poor little girl who was buried alive?
Witness of Allah: Allah says to Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Noble Quran: "Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a greatest morality/character". [Noble Quran verse 68:4] 
Now we examine probably the biggest nasty crap from the biggest Hadith Imam of his time, Ibne Qayyam:

A man complained of being single. The Prophet (S) advised him to take a female pigeon as his wife.
(Imam Al-Muhaddith Al Qayyim, Tibb-e-Nabawi, Al Minaril Hanif pg 106, Zadil Ma'ad)
Our stupid Mullas feel pround to refer Zadil Maad of Hafiz Ibne Qayyam. If u read Quran, Allah witness that Muhammad (S) is the last Prophet with the Best Moral "Khulkun Azeem". Do u think Prophet has said this?
So according to the biggest hadith imam of his time "Hafiz Ibne Qayyam; MUSHRIK hadithers can take this white pretty female pigeon as a wife if they do not find any woman to mary. Enjoy our dear Hadither enjoy. But we are afraid that this beautiful pigeon might die in your first sexual assault on her. So you have to buy 365 pigeons per year. But again question about cost and benefit arises here. You might end up with your calculations that it is much more feasible to mary a chaste lady as per commandments of Noble Quran instead of marying a beautiful pigeon according to forged hadith of Hafiz ibne Qayyam. LOL.
When Allah says repeatedly in Quran that his Book is complete, his book is THE BEST Hadith (Ahson Hadith), easy to understand and memorize, fully detailed, standalone, fully preserved & protected from corruption, & it explains itself; then we do not understand why Mushrik Hadithers want misguidance from 2.3 million forged hadiths that were fabricated 200 yrs after the death of Prophet and then connected to the name of Exalted Prophet.

We can prove even from these so called hadith books that Prophet Muhamamd (S) was strictly against to take/write any thing from him except Quran. Read below:

Prophet Muhammad (S) said: Do not take from me any thing EXCEPT Quran:

The Prophet (S) had commanded, La taktabu anni ghair-al-Quran; wa mun kataba anni ghair-al-Quran falyamhah. (Write from me nothing but the Quran and if anyone has written, then he must erase it
Ref: (Saheeh Muslim, Vol 1 pg 211 Hadith number 594, Printer Maktaba Adnan, Beirut 1967)
It seems that hadith imam Hafiz Ibne Qayyam was mentally retarded lowest level expert in sexology and not in TRUE ISLAM. He was for sure totally ignorant about Quranic commandments. Read more crap from his book:

Ulama al-Salafi Ibn Qayyim says:
"If a man makes a hole in a watermelon, or a piece of dough, or a leather skin, or a statue, and has sex with it, then this is the same as what we have said about other types of masturbation [i.e., that it is halaal in the same circumstances given before, such as being on a journey]. In fact, it is easier than masturbating with one's hand".

Shamsuddin Ibn Qayyim al Jawziya nother place in his book this silly mullah imam Hafiz Ibne Qayyam has said that in a.m constraints a woman can use cocumber. (what a shame - we follow these freak imams instead of following commandments of Noble Quran)
"If a woman does not have a husband, and her lust becomes strong, then some of our scholars say: It is permissible for the woman to take an akranbij, which is a piece of leather worked until it becomes shaped like a penis, and insert it in herself. She may also use a cucumber". Hafiz Ibne Qayyam.
 Now we read what Noble Quran says about this Subject. Read as under: (you can compare the wisdom of Quran here with bull of forged hadiths in order to see the difference)

Masturbation (for both men and women) is haraam (forbidden) in Islam based on the followingridence:

First from the Quran:

Masturbation is forbidden based on the following verses from the Quran (interpretation of the meaning):

"And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts). Except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess(married), - for them, they are free from blame. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors." 23.5-7.
Here the verses are clear in forbidding all illegal sexual acts (including masturbation) except legal sex for the wives or that their right hand possess (married slave woman).. And whoever seeks beyond that is the transgressor.

"And let those who find not the financial means for marriage keep themselves chaste, until Allah enriches them of His bounty." 24.33. This verse also clearly orders whoever does not have the financial means to marry to keep himself chaste and be patient in facing temptations (including masturbation) until Allah enriches them of His bounty.

We also want to refer here one authentic historical report. [Do not say it hadith but an historical report. Because once one say hadith, he/she tends to make it part of Islam; whether in no way hadiths are part of Islam. This is just raw history. Raw history could have crap and could have some truth. But one must never buid his faith on Raw history].

Abdullaah ibn Masood said, "We were with the Prophet while we were young and had no wealth whatsoever. So Allaah's Messenger said, "O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty (i.e. his private parts from committing illegal sexual intercourse etc.), and whoever is not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power."

Therefore, the above-given historical report orders men who are not able to marry to fast despite the hardship encountered in doing so, and not to masturbate despite the ease with which it can be done.

How can we accept the opinions of Ulama al-Salafi Ibn Qayyim and Shamsuddin Ibn Qayyim al Jawziya when both Allah-Quran and Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) have prohibited masturbation.

Please also note that Quran is not suggesting any kind of Shia-Muta [which is Zina /Licenced Prostitution] here but advising for chasty and patience.
Some smelly dung from the books of Kafir Shias:
One who does Mutah (temporary marriage) once in his life becomes equal in degree to Hussain. Someone who does it twice equals Hasan, three times equals Ali and Mutah four times in life makes one equal to Prophet Muhammad.

(Tafseer Minahj As-Sabiqain)
Pls note that Mut'ah is licensed Prostitution. It is 100 % Zana (Fornication). IF u like any woman and pay her some to to have sex with her. If she agrees, u write a temp agreement. Penetrate her and tear the agreement & that's it. This is why we believe 100% that Shia are worse than Kafirs
Let we see again what these parsi fool imams say:
There is an ocean above the seventh heaven. On that ocean are standing seven mountain goats. On the back of those huge goats rests the throne of Allah! (Tirmizi)
Tuesday is the day of blood. On this day bleeding refuses to stop. (Abu Dawood Hadith #3862 and Bukhari)
Imam Tabari was Shia but presented himself as a Sunni through Taqiyyah
. (Tabari was in fact Magian Criminal)
(Allama Tamanna Imadi, Tasveer ka Doosra Rukh)
Now we see what the STUPIDEST Mullah of Indo-Pak says - Just read and get enlightened from feet to head
In our Books, this Mulla is biggest LIAR IMPOSTER (Kazzaab) of IndoPak. But millions are his followers!
The stool and urine of the Prophet (S) has been used as food and drink. People have been cured by consuming these.

(Mullah Tahirul Qadri, supposedly a modernized reformist Mullah of today, (Islam Ya Maslak Parasti pg 130)
One of the MOST GENEROUS FATWA in the history of Islam - What a shame? What a Shame?
If a couple desires fornication, the woman should sneak into the bed of the apparently sleeping man. No punishment will then apply.
(Fatawa Alamgiri compiled by 500 top jurists of India, during the end of the 17th century, pg 337)
Is this in Glorious Quran? NO.
There is one jahil sect like all other sects which are forbidden by Quran. This sect is called Sulfi - Who follow so called all Sulfs indiscrminately.  Please read above how were their some sulfs? - Quran warn us, Never follow any one Blindly. "Worst beasts on earth are those who follow others blindly [Quran]

How winter and summer comes ?- Imam Bukhari & Abu Huraira (a great sulf of sulfi sect) propunded their very unique scientifc theory & research as under:

Abu Huraira said that Prophet said that Hell complained to Allah and said O my Lord, my one part has eaten my other part. So Allah allowed HELL to breathe twice, Once in Summer and 2nd in Winter. So when you see winter, that winter is also a breathe of Hell.
[Sahee Bukhari 132/490 Volume II, chapter 292 - Published Rahmania Publishing Press Lahore, Pak.]
Please Note That
Abu Huraira was student of notorious Hypocrite Jewish Rabai Ka'ab Al-Ahbar. Abu Huraira have forged over 40000 hadith alone and he has attributed them to the name of Prophet. For all hadith of Abu Huraira, he himself is only the witness. No other witness. So his most of fabricated Hadiths are called Ohad Hadiths. But Our Brain-Blind stupid Mullahs will declare you a Kafir at the spot if you tell them this truth about Abu Huraira [A deep hidden Jew Hypocrite] ----> A mass production Machine that fabricated over 40000 hadiths just in two or three years & named them to Prophet.
Bukhari says: Woman, Horse and House are evil things.

Said Abdullah Bin Umar that Prophet said that destruction/misfortune/bad omen is in three things and they are Horse, Woman, and House.
[Sahee Bukhari 37/118, volume II, published Rahmania Publishing Press Lahore, Pak.]
Also in Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 30: Narrated Abdullah bin 'Umar: Allah's Apostle said, "Evil omen is in the women, the house and the horse.'
Note: Now do you think Prophet has said this? Nothing is like this in Quran. In fact Woman is the the first kindest mother & teacher of Humanity, All humanity is in debt of woman. Woman is the Best Scent of this planet. Woman is who gave birth to all saints and Prophets. One cannot even imagine this world with out a woman. Quran gives high respect to woman. Quran says " Beat the posterior of a that evil man with 80 lashes who places a slander on a Chaste Woman. and never accept any witness from that Liar in his whole life.
Read Glorious Quran:
The fornicatress & the fornicator, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold U in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah & the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment [Verse 24:2]
And those who accuse chaste women & then do not produce four (True) witnesses; lash them with 80 lashes & do not accept from them testimony ever after. And those are the defiantly disobedient" {Verse 24:4] 

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 16: Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah:
We returning from battle & When we were about to enter (Medina), the Prophet said, "Wait so that you may enter (Medina) at night so that the lady of unkempt hair may comb her hair and the one whose husband has been absent may shave her pubic region.
[Pubic region = Area around reproduction organ of woman in which male penetrats his male organ to do sex)
Now what message Criminal Parsi Bukhari wants to give to people about Prophet by this fabrication? What this has to do with Islam?

The Qur'an is our Toolkit

By G. Waleed Kavalec in Golds and pearls within the Quran :-)

 بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Some newcomers to Islam try to rapidly learn and obey every command in the Qur'an, and they try to learn and emulate every possible example of the Prophet(saws) recorded in the traditions.

The result - all too often - is "burnout".

Islam does indeed tell us to strive as if in a race to do good (al-Ma'idah 5:48), but Islam is not itself a race.
We do not get to Allah "faster" by trying to take on more than He gives us; and what Allah gives us is One Day - today - and the tools which enable us to make the best us of this One Day.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow, and yesterday is gone.

When we open our Qur'ans we find 6,236 verses (6,248 with bismillah's) each of which can and will have a meaning in our lives exactly as Allah wills.  Some verses give us clear commands and limits we should learn to be aware of at all times, others have meanings with are metaphorical - meanings which may only manifest in our lives in as yet unencountered situations. We are also warned not to accede too quickly to anyone else's interpretation of such verses (al-E-Imran 3:7).

But what of the many clear commands? There seem to be so many!
Can a believer be obeying every single one every single minute of every day?

Of course not. That is the path to "burnout".

Some commands do indeed lay out the attitudes, and tasks, which must be regular and constant in the life of a Muslim... we must be regular in our salaat, we must be concious of Allah at all times.  Other commands are the TOOLS that Allah has blessed us with.


The Qur'an is the largest and most complete spritual TOOLKIT ever given to mankind:

We cannot feed an orphan every minute of every day, but ON THAT DAY when we are feeling unblessed or ungrateful - feeding that orphan is the fastest way to remember and be grateful for our own blessings.

  • That is the TOOL that Allah has provided for ADJUSTING that attitude. 

Are we having a day of doubt in our deen? Turn to and obey an-Nahl 16:125 - invite others to submission to our Creator. 

  • Telling others about the peace of Islam is the TOOL that Allah has provided for INCREASING that peace in ourselves. 

It is not for me to speak for Allah and to tell each of you which tool is the one Allah would have you use in every situation in your life, it is only for me to tell you that the tools are there... and the more time we spend reading our Qur'an the easier will finding the correct tool be. This is true for merely human toolkits, it is infinitely more the case when we have the help of Allah in using the tools He has blessed us with.

Learn the tools Allah has provided for maintaining your life;they have the best guarantee possible, and they never break.

Any truth herein is from Allah, any errors are mine alone.

As always,
Allahu Alam

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A brief overall research on Janna and Hell and can our finite minds comprehend the hereafter?

It is to be appreciated that ‘man’ became a special creation, not due to his physiology alone, but when Allah breathed His spirit into him and gave him volition, understanding, sense of mercy, justice, power of specialized communication and vicegerancy on the Earth. This has no bearing on what process Allah possibly used to create him be it a process of evolution or otherwise.

Man created in diverse stages:

“And indeed, He created you in diverse stages”  Sura 71/14

It is possible to argue that this is a reference to man’s short period in the mother’s womb and its diverse stages during the gestation period and is not a reference to the prolonged evolutionary development of man.

“And Allah anbatakum (has produced you) mina (from) arḍi (the earth) nabātan (as a growth).” Sura 71/17

The Arabic word ‘anbatakum’ is formed from the root word nun-ba-ta which means to grow, germinate, to sprout like a plant or to grow up like a child.

From a Quranic perspective after studying it we cannot simply overlook the analogy that the Qur’an puts forth of the growth of a human being from the earth as that of a plant that also grows from the earth by using similar terms.

This is clearly a concept that even the people of Thamud were familiar with when their messenger Salih spoke to them.

“To the Thamud People (We sent) Saleh, one of their own brethren. He said: “O my people! Worship God: you have no other god but Him. It is He ansha-akum (Who has produced you) mina (from) ardi (the earth) and settled you therein: then ask forgiveness of Him, and turn to Him (in repentance): for my Lord is (always) near, ready to answer” Sura 11/61

Elsewhere, the Qur’an speaks of man being created like a potter creates earthen vessels.

“He created man from sounding clay like unto pottery” Sura 55/14

This clearly hints at a gradual creation which was slowly perfected over a period of time.

“He created the heavens and the earth with truth,  wasawwarakum (and He formed you), fa- ahsana (and made good) suwarkum (your forms), and to Him is the ultimate resort” Sura 64/3

“Do not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the earth were closed up, but We have opened them; and We have made of māi (water) kulla (every living) shayin (thing), will they not then believe?” Sura 21/30

Sustain-Water droplet-Sustainable cities

What does Bashar mean?

This word is formed from the root ‘Ba-Shiin-Ra’ and refers to the more physical, physiological attributes of a human being. It refers to the skin, complexion, beauty, elegance of form, physical intimate relationships, contact of the skin etc. It also takes meanings such as rejoicing and good tidings.

Basharun means Human Being

Basharain means two human beings

Allah says,

“Say, “If the planet earth were inhabited by malaikatun (Angelic Beings) walking about secure and sound, We would have sent down to them from the sky a malakan rasoolan (Angelic Messenger).” Sura 17/95

This ayat clearly says that if the planet earth was inhabited by Angles Allah would have sent down an Angel Messenger. Why? Because the Angels in the Spiritual state are spiritual beings who are not basharan (human beings) that have no mass, no flesh and bones but yet the planet earth (Al Ard) are inhabited by basharan (human beings).

Hence, if Allah would send us Messengers from the sky, they would come down as basharan (human beings) and not in their original form which is only common sense.

“And if We made him malakan (an angel), We would have made him a rajulan (man), walalabasnā (and We would have dressed on him) from what they dress.” Sura 6/9


What does Insaan mean?

This word is formed from the root word ‘Ins’ (Alif-Nun-Siin) and points to such attributes as faculties, perception and knowledge. It means to be companionable, or to show an inclination to have company or make conversation. It means sociable, conversable, amicable and cheerful.

For example, we note in Sura 28/29, where Prophet Musa ‘perceived’ anasa a fire.

“When Musa had fulfilled the appointed term and had set off with his family, he noticed a fire from one side of the Mount. He said to his family, ‘Stay here, I can see nāran (a fire). Hopefully I will bring you back some news from it or a burning branch from the fire so that you will be able to warm yourselves.” Sura 28/29

From tje Qur’an the Arabic word ‘anasa’ is formed from the same root ‘Ins’. In another Sura 4/6, orphans are told to be assessed for sound judgment and if one perceives  ’anastum’ them to be so, then their wealth is to be passed to them. Again, the same root is used.

“Keep a close check on orphans until they reach a marriageable age, then if ānastum (you perceive) min’hum (in them) sound judgement hand over their property to them. Do not consume it extravagantly and precipitately before they come of age. Those who are wealthy should abstain from it altogether. Those who are poor should use it sensibly and correctly. When you hand over their property to them ensure that there are witnesses on their behalf. Allah suffices as a Reckoner.” Sura 4/6

So according to the Qur’an there is a physiological state bashar and there is an enlightened state of consciousness endowed by Allah provided by something of His ‘Ruh’ Allah says:

“Then sawwāhu (He fashioned him) wanafakha (and breathed) fihi (into him) min rūhihi  (His spirit). And He gave you hearing and sight and feeling (and understanding): little thanks do ye give!” Sura 32/9

“When I have sawwaytuhu (fashioned him) wanafakhtu (and breathed) fihi (into him) min (of) ruhi (My spirit) faqa’u (fall down) unto him prostrating” Sura 15/29

According to the above ayats Allah provided to us this makes us ‘insaan’.

Basically, a basharan (human being) is made of both his physiological state which is overstood as being bashar and his perceptive state ins.  Basically, the human race were created out of earthly materials which is turabin  earth / soil / dust.

There is clearly a difference between a ‘bashar’ and ‘insaan’ and the terms refer to different aspects of a human being.

In Genesis 2 Yahweh/Allah forms “Adam” (this time meaning a single male human) out of “the dust of the ground” and then “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”, causing him to “become a living soul”  

“And Yahweh formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became chai·yim (a living) le·ne·fesh (soul).” Genesis 2/7

le·ne·fesh means: soul, living being, life, self, person, desire, appetite, emotion, and passion.

Yahweh then placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, giving him the commandment that “

“And Yahweh ’ĕ·lō·hîm took the man and put him into ḇə·ḡan- (the garden) of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” 

gan: an enclosure, garden: From ganan; a garden (as fenced) — garden.  HEBREW ganan

In the Qur’an we are given similar narrations:

“We said, ‘Adam, live in the Garden, you and your wife, and eat freely from it wherever you will. But do not approach this tree and so become wrongdoers. But Shaytanu made them slip up by means of it, expelling them from where they were. We said, ‘Go down from here as enemies to each other! You will have residence on the earth and enjoyment for a time.’” Sura 2/30-31

“And Adam, live in the Garden, you and your wife, and eat of it wherever you like. But do not go near this tree lest you become wrongdoers.’ Then Shaytan whispered to them, disclosing to them their private parts that had been concealed from them. He said, ‘Your Lord has only forbidden you this tree lest you become angels or among those who live for ever.’ He swore to them, ‘I am one of those who give you good advice.’So he enticed them to do it by means of trickery. Then when they tasted the tree, their private parts were disclosed to them and they started stitching together the leaves of the Garden in order to cover themselves. Their Lord called out to them, ‘Did I not forbid you this tree and say to you, “Shaytan is an outright enemy to you”?’ They said, ‘Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. If you do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be among the lost.” Sura 7/19-23

According to the Hebrew Scripture Adam and Eve were subsequently expelled from the Garden of Eden, were ceremonially separated from Yahweh, and lost their innocence after they broke Yahweh’s law about not eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The Qur’an confirms with similar narrations:

“He said, ‘Go down from here as enemies to each other! You will have residence fi (in) ardi (the earth) and enjoyment for a time.” Sura 7/24

According to the Hebrew Scripture this occurred after the serpent who was a man and according to the Qur’an was Shaytanu who understood to be Satan in many Christian traditions told Eve that eating of the tree would result not in death, but in Adam and Eve’s eyes being opened, resulting in their being “as gods, knowing good and evil” (Gen. 3.4-5). Convinced by the serpent’s argument, Eve eats of the tree and has Adam do likewise (Gen. 3.6).

According to the Qur’an we have similar narrations:

“Then Shaytan whispered to them, disclosing to them their private parts that had been concealed from them. He said, ‘Your Lord has only forbidden you this tree lest you become malakayni (angels) or mina (from) among alkhalideena (the immortals).” Sura 7/20

As a result, both immediately become aware of the fact that they are naked, and thus cover themselves with garments made of fig leaves (Gen. 3.7).

When, finding Yahweh walking in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve hide themselves from Yahweh’s presence (Gen. 3.8). Yaweh calls to Adam “Where art thou?” (Gen. 3.9,) and Adam responds “I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself” (Gen. 3.10,). When Yahweh then asks Adam if he had eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam responds that his wife had told him to (Gen. 3.11-12).


As a result of their breaking Yahweh’s law, the couple were removed from the garden (Gen. 3.23) and both receive a curse. Adam’s curse is contained in Gen. 3.17-19:

“Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field: In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Gen 3/17-19

Similar to what the Qur’an confirms before they were expelled from the Garden they didn’t know about their nakedness nor did they suffer:

“Then We said: “O Adam! Verily, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not get you both out of Paradise, fatashqā (so that you would suffer). Verily, you that not tajūʿa (you will be hungry) therein nor naked. And you (will) not taẓma-u (suffer from thirst) therein nor from the sun’s heat.” Sura 20/117-118



rising sun from satterlite

According to the Qur’anic ayats Adam’s creation and initial abode was on Earth but the question is was it a physical abode or a spiritual abode on earth?

Allah’s Will was to place a Khalifatan in the earth not in the Garden:

“And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily, I am going to place khalīfatan fi (in) ard (the earth).” They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks and sanctify You.” He (Allah) said: “I know that which you do not know.” Sura 2/30

This same creation Allah intended to be the Khalifatan was created from black mud molded into shape:

“We created insāna (Adamites) min (of) salsalin (dried clay) min (from) hama in (black mud) masnūnin (altered).” Sura 15/26


“And indeed We created insāna (Adamites) out of an extract of clay.” Sura 23/12

“He created insāna (Adamites) from sounding clay like the clay of pottery.” Sura 55/14

Now as I overstand there is a big difference between the two states of existence and that is one state consisting of the Spiritual Realm and the other state existing of the Physical Realm that Allah has created.

The Spiritual Realm is not physical, it is invisible to the physical universe and its beyond our comprehension, thus there is nothing within our physical universe that is in the Eternal Abode. We have never been there, nor seen it, thus, we could never as mortal men and women fathom how vast and great the Spiritual Realm.

According to the Qur’an the bialmalai alaala had a discussion about the creation of a human being who would be the Khalifatan in the earth Adam was created by Allah’s hands along with giving Allah’s Ruh and for them to be submissive to Adam:

“I knew nothing of the bialmalai alaala (Highest Assembly) when they debated. It is only revealed to me that I am a clear warner.’ When your Lord said to the angels: “That I am creating a basharan (human being) min (from) (tinin mud/clay). When I have shaped him and breathed from ruhi (My Spirit) into him, be submissive before him.’ The angels all bowed down together, Except Iblis. He was filled with pride and  became of the disbelievers. Allah said, ‘Iblis, what prevents you from bowing down to the man I have made biyadayya (with My hands)? Are you too high and mighty?’ Iblis said, ‘I am better than him: You made me min (from) nārin (fire), and him min (from) tinin (clay).’ ‘Get out of here! You are rejected” Sura 38/69-77

It seems that these  beings who are referred to as the bialmalai alaala (Highest Assembly) had insight and intelligence to discuss about the creation of Adam.

 ”…They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks and sanctify You.” He (Allah) said: “I know that which you do not know.” Sura 2/30

The Malaika are reasoning with Allah asking Allah about this new creation of His and comparing it to the creation already existing that is spreading mischief and shedding blood while at the same time the Malaika are glorifying and praising Allah giving thanks. Again, this was before the creation of Adam. This was before he was placed in the Garden and before he was placed in the earth.

Next Allah taught Adam the names: 

“And He taught Adam wa allama (the names) – kullahā (all of them). Then He showed them to the angels and said, “Inform Me of the names hāulāi (of these), if you are truthful. They said, “Exalted are You; we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Indeed, it is You who is the Knowing, the Wise.He said, “O Adam, anbi’hum (inform them) bi-asmāihim (of their names).” And when he had informed them of their names, He said, “Did I not tell you that I know the unseen [aspects] of the heavens and the earth? And I know what you reveal and what you have concealed.” 2/31-33

The distinguishing features about Adam/Adamites:

1) placed as the new khalīfatan (successive authority) on earth2) insāna (Adamites) Sura 2/30

2) Adam was created from black smooth mud. Sura 15/26

3) Allah taught Adam the Names of everything. Sura 2/31

4) Allah created Adam with His OWN HANDS. Sura 38/75

5) Allah breathed into Adam of His Ruhi (Spirit). Sura 2/38

5) The Malaikah/including Iblis and others had to be submissive to Adam. Sura 2/34

It says that all of the Malaika obeyed Allah’s commandment except Iblis:

“… except for Iblis. He refused and was arrogant and became of kāfirīna (the disbelievers).” Sura 2/34

Allah then asked Iblis why didn’t he follow His Command by being submissive to Adam:

“Allah said: “O Iblis! What is thy reason for not being among those who have prostrated themselves?” He said: I am not such that I should make obeisance to libasharin (a human being) whom You hast created of the essence of black mud fashioned in shape.” Allah then expelled Iblis from the Garden: Allah said, “Then get out of it, for indeed, you are expelled.” Allah then curses Iblis until the Day of Recompense. And indeed, upon you la’nata (is the curse) until the Day of Recompense.” Sura 15/32-35

At this point Iblis was deprived of Allah’s Mercy and His Blessings and he was condemned and expelled from the Garden. Suddenly Iblis asked Allah for respite to the Day of Judgement which means his respite is limited only until the day of rising.

“He said,”My Lord,  fa-anzirni (then give me respite) ilā (until) yawmi (the Day) yub’athuna (they are resurrected). Allah  said: So surely you are of the respited ones” Sura 15/36-37

Iblis then accuses Allah for putting him in error so he issues a threat against Adam/Adamites that he will make disobedience attractive in the earth and will mislead them all except a few:

“[Iblis] said, “My Lord, because You have put me in error, la-uzayyinanna (I will surely make disobedience attractive to them) fi (in) ardi (the earth) and I will mislead them all. Except, among them, Your chosen servants.” 15/39-40

While Adam and his wife are still dwelling in the higher bliss on the earth in the Garden with a different type of laws Allah says they can both consume, eat freely whatever they willed but they were forbidden to go near a tree:

“And We said: “O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Paradise and wakulā (eat both of you freely) with pleasure and delight, of things therein as wherever you will, but come not near shajarata (this tree) or you both will be of the Zalimun.” Sura 2/35


 ”And O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in Paradise, and eat thereof as you both wish, but approach not this tree otherwise you both will be of the Zalimun.” Sura 7/19


 In the unknown realm or perhaps a spiritual Garden on earth govern with entirely complete different laws they were warned about Shaytanu obviously the respite given to him allowed him access back into the Garden. Also this Garden they were in, they didn’t have a reason to literally eat because they didn’t get hungry nor did they suffer from hunger which is akin to a physical need not spiritual:

“Then We said: “O Adam! Verily, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not get you both out of Paradise, fatashqā (so that you would suffer). Verily, you that not tajūʿa (you will be hungry) therein nor naked. And you (will) not taẓma-u (suffer from thirst) therein nor from the sun’s heat.” Sura 20/117-118

“But Shaytan anhā (from it) fa-akhrajahumā (and he got both of them) mimmā (from what)  kānā (they  were)  fīhi (in it).  waqul’nā (And We said), ih’biṭū (‘Go down all of you) from here as enemies to each other! fi (in) ardi (in the earth) mus’taqarrun (is a dwelling place) wamatā un (and a provision) for a time.” Sura 2/36

It was the Shaytanu and not not Iblis who got them evicted from the state they were in. It is important to note that it was Iblis who vowed before Allah to mislead man. But it was not Iblis who put the misleading suggestions to Adam and his wife but Shaytanu. The Qur’an did not use the word Iblis after his conversation with Allah  after the ayat in Sura 7:18, but used the word “Shayatnu” instead. They are physically different. Allah warned Adam and his wife of Shaytanu and not Iblis as avowed enemy.

Now examine the key Arabic words, which makes it clear beyond doubt that Adam, his wife, the Shaytanu and others were cast down to the planet earth:

Ihbitu ٱهۡبِطُواْ Go down, you (all) get down, it also means to descend.


Iblis told to descend from the Garden:

“Allah said, ‘fa-ih’biṭ (then go down) min’hā (from it). It is not for you to be arrogant in it. So get out! You are one of the abased.” Sura 7/13

Adam, his wife, Shaytanu and other disbelievers told to descend from the Garden:

“[Allah] said, “ih’bita (Descend) min’hā (from it) jamī’ an (all). Some of you being enemies to one another. And if there should come to you guidance from Me – then whoever follows My guidance will neither go astray nor suffer.” Sura 20/123

Nuh told to descend from the boat:

“It was said, “O Nuh, ih’biṭ (go down) bisalāmin (with peace) from Us and blessings upon you and upon nations from those with you. But other nations [of them] We will grant enjoyment; then there will touch them from Us a painful punishment.” Sura 11/28

According to the Arabic word and the usage Ihbitu comes from the root Habat which means: descend, cause to come down, descend from a high state to a low one, change condition, etc.

Ihbitu ٱهۡبِطُواْ is in the plural form and it was a command made to Adam, his wife and the Shaytanu.

Fi فِيهِ‌ۖ in or on.

Al Ard ( لۡأَرۡضِ ) the planet earth.


So we have in Sura 2/38 the Arabic word Ihbitu ٱهۡبِطُواْ which means: Go Down, you (all) get down, descend, is also present. There is no mistake about it that Allah cast them down from the Garden, the Spiritual Realm on al ard (the planet earth).

As I have said before when Adam, his wife and others was cast down from the Spiritual Realm Garden to the Physical Realm (planet earth) hayatul Dunya (the life of this world) and they became physical, in other words they incarnated, personified or manifested into the physical form in order to live where on earth, in the dunya. 

They became flesh, bones which is the opposite to the spiritual form which is a form that is invisible and has no mass no need to eat, drink and don’t feel the effects of the sun.

Hayyatu Dunya: (the life of) this world; a test from Allah; deceiving enjoyment; temporary abode.


Allah says:

“Know that hayatu (the life of) dun’yā (this world) is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children… the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment. ” Sura 57/20

“Verily, the Promise of Allâh is true, let not then hayatu (the life of) dun’yā (this world) deceive you, nor let the chief deceiver (Satan) deceive you about Allâh.” Sura 31/33

fī (In) dun’yā (this worldly life) wal-ākhirati (and in the hereafter). And they ask you concerning orphans. Say: “The best thing is to work honestly in their property, and if you mix your affairs with theirs, then they are your brothers. And Allah knows him who means mischief from him who means good (e.g. to save their property). And if Allah had wished, He could have put you into difficulties. Truly, Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.” Sura 2/220

“Whoever desires a reward in hayatu (the life of) dun’yā (this world), then with Allah is the reward dun’yā (of this worldly life) wal-ākhirati (and of the hereafter). And Allah is Ever All-Hearer, All-Seer.” Sura 4/134

There is no mistake about it that Allah cast them down from Jannah , the Spiritual Realm on al ardi (the planet earth) which is the physical realm. When Adam, his wife and others was cast down from the spiritual Garden on the earth to the physical realm on the earth, they became physical, in other words they incarnated, personified or manifested into the physical form: flesh, bones, etc. which is the opposite to the spiritual form which is a form that is invisible and has no mass.

When the spiritual beings not from the dunya come into the dunya they become basharun (human beings). This is the law that was created by Allah when you transcend from the two states of existence  such as the spiritual to the physical which is hayatu (the life of) dun’yā (this world).

And in the reverse when we all are resurrected on the Day of Judgment our spiritual bodies (Ruh) will return back to Jannah before Allah not our physical bodies (flesh & bones). When you are in the Spiritual Realm, your body is a spirit which has no mass, no physical flesh, bones but when you are in the Physical Realm your body becomes physical with flesh, bones, etc.

Hence, this law of the physical and spiritual state because the Malaika and while in the spiritual realm they are spiritual beings but when they come to the planet earth they become physical human beings:

“and veiled herself from them. Then We sent Our Ruh to her and it took on for her the form of a handsome, well-built basharan (man).” Sura 19/17

This same Arabic word is also found in Qur’an in Sura 15/28 when Allah was telling the Malaika that He will create a human being out of black mud. Bashar means a human being, complete human, man.

“And when thy Lord said to the angels, ‘See, I am creating basharan (a human being) of a clay of black mud moulded.” Sura 15/28

So back to my point the Spirit or the Malaika was a man or human beings while on earth and not some spook floating around in the air but yet when he is in the spiritual realm they are spiritual beings.

When the Malaika transcend from the spiritual state to hayatu (the life of) dun’yā (this world) which is the physical state, they become men, human beings, with flesh, skin, bones just like us.

Allah says:

“When Our Messengers went to Ibrahim with good news, they said, “Peace.” He said, “Peace,” and soon brought a roasted calf. When he saw that their hands did not touch it, he became suspicious and fearful of them. They said, “Do not be afraid, we are being dispatched to the people of Lot.” 11/69-70


 ”And when Our messengers came to Lut, he was grieved on account of them and felt himself straitened for them (lest the town people should approach them to commit sodomy with them). He said: “This is a distressful day.” Sura 11/77

“Then, when the Messengers came unto the family of Lut.” Sura 15/61

“They (people of the city) said: “Did we not forbid you from entertaining or protecting any of the ‘Alamin (people, foreigners and strangers from us)?” Sura 15/70

They (messengers) said: “O Lut! Verily, we are the messengers from your Lord! They shall not reach you! So travel with your family in a part of the night, and let not any of you look back; but your wife, verily, the punishment which will afflict them, will afflict her. Indeed, morning is their appointed time. Is not the morning near?” Sura 11/81

 ”The people of Lut belied the Messengers.” Sura 26/160

Allah makes it clear about the laws of physicality:

 “They say, ‘Why has an malakan (angel) not been sent down to him?’ If We were to send down an angel, that would be the end of the affair and they would have no reprieve. And if We made him malakan (an angel), We would have made him a rajulan (man), walalabasnā (and We would have dressed on him) from what they dress.” Sura 6/9

Allah said that if a malakan (angel) would have been send down it would been the end of the story with no respite and if Allah sent down an malakan, this malakan would have been a rajulan (man), giving the wearing the same thing human beings, men dress up in.

Arabic-English Dictionary:

rajila a to go on foot, walk, to comb (the hair); to let down (the hair), let it hang long; to dismount (or from; rider); to assume masculine manners, behave like a man; to walk all the way; to improvise, extemporize, deliver offhand (a speech); to become a man, reach the  age of manhood, grow up; to act like a man, display masculine manners or qualities,

Dictionary of the Holy Qur’an:

Rajulun: Male human being; Man; A person with heir

Rajilun: Foot; Footmen (Slow walkers)

Rijlain: Two feet.

Rajulun: Man

The Malaika in the spiritual realm are spiritual beings who have no mass, no flesh and bones but yet the planet al ardi (the earth) are inhabited by physical human beings so if Allah would send us Messengers from the spiritual domain, they would come down as human beings, physical human beings.

Allah says there are guardians over us so if there wasn’t a spiritual realm, another reality of existence unseen, invisible why can’t we see these guardians who watches over us?

“He is the Irresistible, (Supreme) over His slaves, and He sends hafazatan (guardians) alaykum (over you), until when death approaches one of you, Our Messengers takes him, and they never neglect their duty.” Sura 6/61

“For him, mu’aqqibatun (there are angels in succession), min (from) before and behind him. yahfazunahu (who guard him) by the Command of Allah. Verily! Allah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allah). But when Allah wills a people’s punishment, there can be no turning back of it, and they will find besides Him no protector.” Sura 13/11

Why can’t we see these Honorable Scribes writing down our deeds?

“But verily, over you to watch you, Kiraman (Honourable) Katibin writing down your deeds, They know all that you do.” Sura 82/10-1­2

When a dying person who was a disbeliever who lied against Allah claiming he has a revelation are dying Allah says if we could see this disbeliever dies in the agonies of death the Malaika comes stretching their hands forth telling them to deliver their souls. Why can’t the people living in the dunya, in the earth see this occurrence happening?

“And who can be more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah, or says: “A revelation has come to me” whereas no revelation has come to him in anything ; and who says, “I will reveal the like of what Allah has revealed.” walaw (And if) you could but see when the Zalimun are fi (in) the ghamarāti (agonies) mawti (of death), wal-malāikatu (while the angels) are stretching forth their hands (saying): “anfusakumu (Deliver your souls)! This day you shall be recompensed with the torment of degradation because of what you used to utter against Allah other than the truth. And you used to reject His Ayat with disrespect! ” Sura 6/93

walaw (And if) you could see when malāikatu (the angels) yatawaffā (take away the souls) of those who disbelieve (at death); they smite their faces and their backs, (saying): “Taste the punishment of the blazing Fire.” Sura 8/50

“Then why do you not intervene when reaches the throat? And you at the moment are tan ẓurūna (looking on), wanaḥnu (And We) aqrabu (are nearer) ilayhi (to him) minkum (than you), walākin (but) lā tub’ṣirūna (you see not), Then why do you not – if you are exempt from the reckoning and recompense (punishment). Bring back the soul (to its body), if you are truthful?” Sura 56/83-87

“We created man and We know what his nafsuhu (own self) tuwaswisu (whispers) bihi (to him). We are nearer to him than his jugular vein. When the two who keep the account, one sitting on the right, one on the left, take it down, he says no word but that there is a ready observer beside him.” Sura 50/16-18

Allah says in the Qur’an that He sent down Sakinah (Calmness) to His Messenger, in Sura 6/61 Allah says that there are hafazatan (guardians) alaykum (over you) and in Sura 9/26 Allah says He sent down forces that the believers did not see who punished the disbelievers which all indicates a unseen world, a spiritual world that does not follow the same laws, governance of the laws of the dunya.

In the process of the people dying when the Malaika comes the Malaika ask the dying person what state of condition they were and the person will say they were oppressed in the earth and the Malaika will say was not the earth of Allah wide enough for them to make hijra? This proves that the next life will not be in the dunya, in the earth.

malāikatu (The angels) ask those they take while they are wronging themselves, ‘What were your circumstances?’ They reply, ‘We were oppressed fi (in) ardi (the earth).’ They say, ‘Was not ardu (the earth) of Allah wide enough for you to have made hijra elsewhere in it?’ The shelter of such people will be Hell. What an evil destination!” Sura 4/97

When Adam, his wife, and Iblis and others were cast out of the unknown realm, the spiritual realm they were sent down to earth, in the dunya. Allah makes it clear that the higher state of existence they were once in was higher and did not have the same laws as the dunya. They were in a higher state of being not subjected to laws of physicality. Notice every time Allah sends either Malaika, or His Book there is always a reference of something descending to or ascending up which only proves that the dunya, this world is not the same as the world to come or the world where the Malaika exist.

“But Shaytan anhā (from it) fa-akhrajahumā (and he got both of them) mimmā (from what)  kānā (they  were)  fīhi (in it).  waqul’nā (And We said), ih’biṭū (‘Go down all of you) from here as enemies to each other! fi (in) ardi (in the earth) mus’taqarrun (is a dwelling place) wamatā un (and a provision) for a time.” Sura 2/36

“Then Allah did send down His Sakinah (calmness, tranquillity and reassurance) on the Messenger and on the believers, wa-anzala (and sent down) junūdan (forces) lam tarawhā (which you saw not), and punished the disbelievers. Such is the recompense of disbelievers.” Sura 9/26

yunazzilu (He sends down) malāikata (the angels) bil-rūhi (with the Spirit) of His command to any of His slaves He wills: ‘Give warning that there is no god but Me, so have taqwa of Me!’” Sura 16/2

“And natanazzalu (we descend) not except by the Command of your Lord. To Him belongs what is before us and what is behind us, and what is between those two; and your Lord is never forgetful.” Sura 19/64

“But the chiefs of his people who disbelieved said: “He is no more than a human being like you, he seeks to make himself superior to you. Had Allah willed, la-anzala (He surely could have sent down) malāikatan (angels). Never did we hear such a thing among our fathers of old.” Sura 23/24

“And they say: “Why does this Messenger eat food, and walk about in the markets (as we). Why is not malakun (an angel) unzila (sent down) to him to be a warner with him?” Sura 25/7

tanazzalu (Descend) malāikatu (the Angels) wal-rūhu (and the Spirit) therein by the permission of their Lord for every affair.” Sura 97/4

“And (remember) the Day when the heaven shall be rent asunder with clouds, wanuzzila (and will be sent down) malāikatu (the Angels) will be sent down, with a grand descending.” Sura 25/25

First the Malaika descends now things ascends:

“Whosoever desires honour, then to Allah belong all honour, power and glory. To Him yaṣʿadu (ascends) (all) the goodly words, and the righteous deeds exalt it but those who plot evils, theirs will be severe torment. And the plotting of such will perish.” Sura 35/10

malāikatu (The angels) wal- ruhu (and the Ruh) taʿ ruju (ascend) to Him in a Day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years.” Sura 70/4 

Where is this location where the Malaika are in which Allah says is in the heavens?

“And how many are malakin (the Angels) fi (in) samāwāti (the heavens), whose intercession will avail nothing except after Allah has given leave for whom He wills and is pleased with.” Sura 53/26

“And to Allah belongs whatever is fi (in) samāwāti (the heavens) and whatever is fi (in) ardi (the earth) – that He may recompense those who do evil with what they have done and recompense those who do good with the best.” Sura 53/31

“Whoever is fi (in) samāwāti (the heavens) wal-arḍi (and the earth) asks Him; every day He is bringing about a matter.” Sura 55/29

“Whatever is fi (in) samāwāti (the heavens) wal-arḍi (and the earth) exalts Allah , and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.” Sura 57/1

“Have you not considered that Allah knows what is fi (in) samāwāti (the heavens) wama (and whatever) fi (is in) ardi (the earth? There is in no private conversation three but that He is the fourth of them, nor are there five but that He is the sixth of them – and no less than that and no more except that He is with them [in knowledge] wherever they are. Then He will inform them of what they did, on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed Allah is, of all things, Knowing.” Sura 58/7

“He is Allah , the Creator, the Inventor, the Fashioner; to Him belong the best names. ma (Whatever) fi (is in) samāwāti (the heavens) wal-arḍi (and the earth) is exalting Him. And He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise.” Sura 59/24

“He created samāwāti (the heavens) wal-arḍa (and the earth) in truth and formed you and perfected your forms; and to Him maṣīru (is the destination).” Sura 64/3


 “His is what is fi (in) samāwāti (the heavens) and what is fi (in) ardi (the earth), and He is the High, the Great. Nearly the heavens might be rent asunder from above them: wal-malāikatu (and the Angels) glorify the praises of their Lord, and ask for forgiveness for those fi (in) ardi (the earth). Verily, Allah is the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” Sura 42/4-5




Also take note Nafs  is being, living being, person, individual, soul, our consciousness, self. Remember, the word Nafs is no where mentioned and they were in the Garden.

Nafs is who we are and it’s important to overstand that “nafs” is only required for us to live on naasuwt (the physical realm), planet earth, it was not required for us to be a living spiritual being while in the Garden. Nafs is energy produced by the working of the physical body. It is energy and in the lowest stage resembles fire. If not checked it will cause the person to deviate from the correct path.

The nafs can grow materially by dominating the Ruh and ultimately the entire personality. In that stage and state it is called “Nafsul Ammarah or The dominating nafs. The nafs can also be cultured to act responsibly. This can be done by restraining it from behaving like an animal and developing fear of consequences. The nafs can be controlled by the will of the person. This is a special quality given by Allah, the power to will.

Man can be influenced by knowledge and through acquisition of wisdom. Knowledge will help a person to differentiate good from evil and right from wrong; while wisdom will enable its possessor to understand the effect his action will have on the personality.

If the nafs is trained to become morally and spiritually good, it goes through stages of growth. Itmoves away from being dominating to a stage of self accusation. This stage is called Nafsul Lawwamah. The Ruh in the body is like unseen electricity in the bulb and makes it glow, the ruh gives energy to the body so that it can function. It stays in the body as long as Allah wills and upon death it separates. So physical death of an individual is the separation from the physical shell or the Nafs that gave the ruh the vehicle to do or perform its function here in hayatu dunya (the life of this world).

The Ruh is non-physical its not a physical creation in which we are accustomed to overstanding. The knowledge we have about it is what Allah has revealed to us concerning it.

Every single ruh enters the body with knowledge that there is only one Allah.

“When your Lord drew forth from Bani Adama (Children of Adam) min  (from) zuhurihim (their loins), dhurriyyatahum (their descendants) and made them testify concerning themselves: ‘Am I not your Lord?’. They said, ‘Yes, we do testify.’ This lest you should say on the Day of Judgement: ‘We were not aware of this.’ ” Sura 7/172

It seems from the above ayat that Allah created this primordial need in human nature at the time Adam was made. Allah took a covenant from Adam when Allah created him. Allah extracted all of Adams descendants who were yet to be born, generation after generation, spread them out, and took a covenant from them. He addressed their ruh directly, making them bear witness that He was their Lord. Since Allah made all human beings swear to His Lordship when Allah created Adam, this oath is imprinted on the human spirit even before it enters the fetus, and so a child is born with a natural belief in the Oneness of Allah. This natural belief is called fitra in Arabic.

“So set your face firmly towards the Deen, hanifan (upright) fiṭ’rata (Nature). Allah’s on which He made nāsa (Adamites). There is no changing Allah’s creation. That is the true Deen – but most people do not know it –” Sura 30/30

So now the nafs originated from a material substance, as Adam was made from clay. It continues to be propagated by a physical process called pro-creation. There is a big difference between that of the spiritual realm which is not physical, unseen, invisible and beyond the comprehension of the mind of mortal man and woman, and the requirements for life, existence in this State or Abode is totally different from that of the Physical Realm. The spiritual realm or the realm in which Adam and his wife were in were governed by different laws.

It wasn’t until Adam was cast down in the Physical Realm (planet earth) and he manifested, personified, incarnated into the physical adapting the elements that is required to live within the physical universe, i.e., black mud of the earth (Adam’s physical skin), water, carbon, nafs, etc. etc. etc….

The body is a vehicle which transports us through the physical matrix of life. Our soul (nafs) has no physical gender characteristics, other than in the main, a separate existence with volition, a moral compass (truth, justice, compassion, love etc) and an innate knowledge of what is right for it and what is wrong for it with an endowed balance / proportion (wanafsin wama sawaha)

“And Nafsin (a soul) and Him Who perfected / proportioned it (wanafsin wama sawaha). And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it. He is indeed successful who causes it to grow (purifies it), and he is indeed a failure who corrupts it (buries it)” Sura 91/7-10

Similarly, according to the Qur’an there is no such concept of a young or an old soul which are once again, characteristics of the physical entity. The soul makes use of its granted physical attributes and faculties, hence whatever they are to present a response to the trials that it is presented with in the context of life which are held to account at a destined end.

Hereafter, the soul will then be transported into an entirely new existence Sura 56/35, a new physical ‘self’.

The Ruh of Allah is a subtle, ecclesiastical, enlightened living and moving body which penetrates into the depths of the organs and flows into them like the water in the rose or the oil in the olive or the fire in the coal. Thus, as long as these organs remain able to accept the workings of this subtle body,  the ‘Ruh’ remains attached to these organs and provides them with feeling and movement.

HOWEVER, when these organs are dead or the time has come and has died because of diseased elements upon it, and they are no longer able to accept the workings of the Ruh, it leaves the body and heads towards the world of the souls again there is a difference between the Nafs and the Ruh.

Allah says: “breathed into it (clay mould) from My ruh” is as I overstand it it is the process of installing the biosoftware of human species in the clay model to transform it into a human individual as some would say.

The term ruh and the word nafs is also used in the Qur’an and also it is used here refers to biological software. The Qur’an states that the first female member Adam’s mate was created from Adam’s nafs and from them, the entire humanity in Sura 4/1, 39/6.

“O mankind! Reverence your Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single nafs  and from that its mate, and from them countless men and women…” Sura 4/1

Allah says,

“He who made good every shayin (thing). He created and  He began the creation of man from tinin (clay). Then he made naslahu (his progeny) min (from) sulālatin (an extract) min (of) māin (water) despised.”  Sura 32/7-8

Note:  shayin (thing) tinin (clay) this is where the word Shaytanu comes from

Now Iblis was not known to become Shaytan until he disobeyed Allah and thus became a disbeliever:

“And remember when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves before Adam.”. And they prostrated except Iblis, he refused and was proud and was one of the disbelievers.” Sura 2/34

Iblis is asked Allah for respite:

“Iblis said: “Allow me respite till the Day they are raised up” Sura 7/14

“Iblis said: “O my Lord! Give me then respite till the Day they (the dead) will be resurrected.” Sura 15/36

“(Iblis) said: “Because You have sent me astray, surely I will sit in wait against them (human beings) on Your Straight Path.” Sura 7/16

“(Allah) said (to Iblis): “Get out from this (Paradise), disgraced and expelled. Whoever of them (mankind) will follow you, then surely I will fill Hell with you all.” Sura 7/18

“Iblis said: “O my Lord! Because you misled me, I shall indeed adorn the path of error for them on the earth, and I shall mislead them all.” Sura 15/39

 ”Iblis  said: “See this one whom You have honoured above me, if You give me respite (keep me alive) to the Day of Resurrection, I will surely seize and mislead his offspring (by sending them astray) all but a few!” Sura 17/32

Now the interesting ayat of all is this:

“And remember when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam.” So they prostrated themselves except Iblis. He was one of the jinn; he disobeyed the Command of his Lord. Will you then take him wadhurriyyatahu (and his offspring) as protectors and helpers rather than Me while they are enemies to you? What an evil is the exchange for the Zalimun.” Sura 18/50

وَذُرِّيَّتَهُ The Arabic word in this verse for descendants, offspring, progeny is Dhurriyyatahu

There are two words frequently used in the Scripture to denote ‘seed’ they are:

Nasl – noun pl. Insaal is progeny, offspring, issue, descendants.

This word is derived from the root nsala, to beget, procreate,

Other words derived from this word are:

1) Insaal- Procreation, generation 2) Tanaasul- Sexual propagation, procreation, generation, reproduction 3) Adaaut Tanaasal – Sexual organs, genitals 4) Da’ faut Tanaasal – Sexual impotence 5) Tanaasuliy – Procreative, propagative, genital, sexual 6) Mard Tanaasiliy – Venereal disease 7) Tanaasiliyaat – Sexual organs


Dhurriyah – Progeny, descendants, children, offspring;

Dhurriy, Of or pertaining to the offspring or progeny so the word dhurriyyah can be found in it’s plural form in Sura 25/74 as offspring in Sura 6/88.

The word dhurriyyatihim is used for descendants. In Sura 2/124, 13/23 as offspring, in Sura 29/28 as seed and Surah 37/77 as progeny.

This is what human beings do; we sexually reproduce and have descendants, offspring, progeny and this is why the Qur’an says that the Iblis has Dhurriyyatahu وَذُرِّيَّتَهُ

Allah didn’t say Shaytanu will have offspring he said Iblis would have offspring and warns us not to take them as protectors or helpers. So to have descendants, offspring, progeny. which again is of a physical mortality which is what human beings or living creatures do on earth so then what makes Shaytan a Shaytan.

So after the fall of Iblis Allah doesn’t reference Iblis again all we read is Shaytan. So what is a Shaytanu? Shaytanu comes from the Arabic root Shatana. It means to be obstinate, perverse, become remote or far from the truth and from the mercy of Allah.

Shaytanu is a being who is not only himself far from the truth but also turns others away from it; Who burns with hatred and anger and is lost. It can be every insolent or rebellious one from among the people of the Jinn or Ins (Adamites). A Shaytan is also meant leader, rebellious, noisy, evil, trouble person. From Shaytanu we get Shayatin in the plural which means the rebellious.

The word Shaytanu is a combination of the words ‘Shay which means ‘thing’ and ‘tiyn’ which means ‘clay.’ In other words it means Thing of clay. Shaytanu can be used again as both humans from Ins (Adamites) and Jinn people because its for whoever goes far from the truth. The word literally means ‘thing of clay’ which is what happened when Iblis and his helpers came to earth giving them the name Shaytanu in Sura 4/38

“and also for those who spend their wealth to show off to people, not having iman in Allah and the Last Day. Anyone who has made Shaytan his comrade, what an evil comrade he is!” Sura 4/38

“Those who have iman fight in the Way of Allah. Those who are kafir fight in the way of false gods. So fight the friends of Shaytan! Shaytan’s scheming is always feeble.” Sura 4/76

“When news of any matter reaches them they spread it about, whether it is of a reassuring or disquieting nature. If they had only referred it to the Messenger and those in command among them, those among them able to discern the truth about it would have had proper knowledge of it. If it were not for Allah’s favour to you and His mercy, all but a very few of you would have followed Shaytan.” sura 4/83

“What they call on apart from Him are female idols. What they call on is an arrogant shaytan.” Sura 4/117

This is why the name is plural in the Qur’an at these places. Shaytanu are the physical race of Jinn. The attributes that are attributed to Shaytanu are difficult to subdue or control, and perverse which is directed away from right or good; persisting in error or fault. This is why they’re referred to in the plural form Shayatin in the Qur’an in Sura 2/102; Sura 6/71;113. Those who obey its directions are its friends. An individual who obeys the directions of Shaytanu virus and acts accordingly is a Shayatnu himself. Therefore the use of the plural shayatin to describe a group of such people is justifiable.

So we have it ‘Shay’ and ‘Tyin’ which would mean ‘a thing of clay’ in English also which indicates the physical state of Iblis, who was a Jinn when he came to earth. Looking at it from the conditions of a physical existence that we live out on this earth and a metaphysical existence that was inhabited by both Iblis and Adam before they came to earth.

This is evident from the statement of Iblis that it is with Allah’s permission and power he misleads human beings:

“(Allah) said: “Respite then is granted to you (Iblis) till the Day of the Time Appointed.” (Iblis) said: Then by Your (Allah’s) Power, I (Iblis) will put them all in the wrong except Your sincere and purified servants among them. (Allah) said: Then it is just and fitting and I say what is just and fitting – That I will certainly fill Hell with you and those that follow you – everyone.” Sura  38/80-85

So we have Allah’s Power mentioned in the above ayats refers to Allah’s programs or commands. It is therefore assumed here that with Allah’s permission Iblis took possession of certain program and implanted it in Adam’s biosystem.  This program is capable of deviating man from Allah’s path by influencing the mind. In lame man terms or in computer parlance it may be termed “Shaytanu virus”.

I believe the Garden on earth was a place where Adam’s metaphysical creation and Iblis were located where consciousness exists in physical form but the ruling law of cause and effect.  In fact, as he was sent to earth along with Adam, Iblis too was now bound by the laws of physicality that govern our temporal existence in the dunya, on this earth.

Iblis, like Adam, lived here and eventually died here and while here, maintained his consciousness and personality inside a mortal physical body.

Was Adam, his wife, Iblis and others in the Jannatu described by Allah that will come after this life?

Was Adam a Nafsun in the unnamed spiritual realm in the Garden?

“Had We wished We could give every nafs its (correct) Guidance but the Word from Me has already preceded to the effect that “I shall indeed fill the Hell with jinni/ and ins/Adamites all.” Sura 32/13


In the Qur’an there appears to be mentioned three distinct planes of existence. ‘al ardi (the Earth), ‘Janna’ which is the Garden of Paradise and the unnamed plane where episodes such as Adam’s creation, Iblis’ rejection and a series of other events occurred.

Janna, as it is used in Qur’an, not only represents the place where Adam and his wife resided and were duped by the Shaytanu but it is also used to refer to the place that all righteous people will abide forever after the last day.

“And give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous good deeds, that for them will be Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise). Every time they will be provided with a fruit therefrom, they will say: “This is what we were provided with before,” and they will be given things in resemblance and they shall have therein Azwajun Mutahharatun and they will abide therein forever.” Sura 2/25

“For such, the reward is Forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Paradise), wherein they shall abide forever. How excellent is this reward for the doers.” Sura 3/136

“Allah has promised the believers – men and women, – Gardens under which rivers flow to dwell therein forever, and beautiful mansions in Gardens of ‘Adn (Eden Paradise). But the greatest bliss is the Good Pleasure of Allah. That is the supreme success.” Sura 9/72

“‘Adn (Eden) Paradise (Gardens of Eternity) which they will enter, under which rivers flow, they will have therein all that they wish. Thus Allah rewards the Muttaqun.” Sura 16/31

“Blessed be He Who, if He wills will assign you better than (all) that – Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise) and will assign you palaces.” Sura 25/10

The Quranic ayats clearly demonstrates that Janna is also the final destiny of the righteous after the final judgment. If this is true and Janna is indeed a place in the earthly realm, would we not be able to see it and observe it?

“Say: “Shall I inform you of things far better than those? For Al-Muttaqun there jannātun (are Gardens) with rabbihim (their Lord), underneath which anhāru (rivers) khālidīna (abiding forever). fīhā (in it), wa-azwājun (and spouses)  mutahharatun (pure) wariḍ’wānun (and approval) from Allah. And Allah will be pleased with them. And Allah is All-Seer of the (His) servants”. Sura 3/15

Would we not be able to now travel to it to witness it and comprehend this place of final destination for the righteous? It is obvious that Janna is indeed a different plane of existence from  the dunya living on the earth and there fore would most likely be governed by different universal laws. And if Janna is a different plane of existence then we have no way of comprehending it with our physical minds and human understanding.

What about those who Allah says are not dead? These people Allah says are not dead, they are living yet we do not perceive and they are being provided for in the very presence of Allah. They are rejoicing over those left behind who have not yet joined them. The question is joined them where, where are they? Allah says they are in His presence.

“And say not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah, “they are deh3h3ad.” Nay, they are living, but you perceive (it) not.” Sura 2/154

“Do not suppose that those killed in the Way of Allah amwātan (are dead). No indeed! ahyaon (They are alive) inda (near) their Lord. yur’zaqūna (they are given provision) delighting in the favour Allah has bestowed on them, wayastabshirūna (and they receive good tidings) bi-alladhīna (about those who) those who have not yet joined with them from  feeling no fear and knowing no sorrow.” Sura 3/169-171

Allah gives us the example of this fact:

mathalu (An example) janati (of Paradise) which the Muttaqun have been promised in it are rivers of water the taste and smell of which are āsinin (not changed), rivers of labanin (milk) of which the taste never yataghayyar (changes), rivers of wine delicious to those who drink, and rivers of clarified honey therein for them is every kind of fruit, and forgiveness from their Lord. Are these like those who shall dwell for ever in the Fire and be given to drink boiling water so that it cuts up their bowels? ” Sura 47/15

wamathalu (And the example) of those who spend their wealth seeking means to the approval of Allah and assuring themselves is like a garden on high ground which is hit by a downpour – so it yields ukulahā (its harvest) in double. And [even] if it is not hit by a downpour, then a drizzle is sufficient. And Allah , of what you do, is Seeing.” Sura 2/265

Why does Allah need to use an allegory and not a literal description of this place when explaining it to us because we cannot comprehend it with our mortal minds. Janna is clearly a completely different plane of existence from the life of the dunya, living on earth and it follows different governing laws. So different, that we must approach its concept in the form of allegories.

“Allah has promised the believers – men and women, – Gardens under which rivers flow to dwell therein forever, and beautiful mansions in Gardens of ‘Adn (Eden Paradise). But the greatest bliss is the Good Pleasure of Allah. That is the supreme success.” Sura 9/72

“‘Adn (Eden) Paradise (Gardens of Eternity) which they will enter, under which rivers flow, they will have therein all that they wish. Thus Allah rewards the Muttaqun.” Sura 16/31

How in the Garden they didn’t need to eat or drink:

Then We said: “O Adam! Verily, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not get you both out of Paradise, so that you will be distressed. Verily, you that never tajūʿa (you will be hungry) therein nor naked. And you (will) not taẓma-u (suffer from thirst) therein nor from the sun’s heat.” Sura 20/117-118

How in the Garden that we will last forever:“For such, the reward is Forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Paradise), wherein they shall abide forever. How excellent is this reward for the doers.” Sura 3/136

How in the Garden that rivers of water will not change, we will have rivers of milk that never changes, rivers of wine that are delicious to drink and rivers of honey:

mathalu (An example) janati (of Paradise) which the Muttaqun have been promised in it are rivers of water the taste and smell of which are āsinin (not changed), rivers of labanin (milk) of which the taste never yataghayyar (changes), rivers of wine delicious to those who drink, and rivers of clarified honey therein for them is every kind of fruit, and forgiveness from their Lord. Are these like those who shall dwell for ever in the Fire and be given to drink boiling water so that it cuts up their bowels? ” Sura 47/15

Imagine, our skins ears and eyes and skins testifying against us:

“Till, when they reach it, their hearing (ears) and their eyes, and their skins will testify against them as to what they used to do.” Sura 41/20

Imagine in the hereafter a punishment for those who are disbelievers and evil doers Hell will have the ability to speak:

“On the Day when We will say to hell: “Are you filled?” It will say: “Are there any more?” Sura 50/30


 If Janna and Hell was a physical place again would we not be able to now travel to it to witness it and comprehend these places of final destination for the righteous and the disbelievers? It is obvious that Janna and Hell is indeed a different plane of existence from  the dunya living on the earth and there fore would most likely be governed by different universal laws.

I mean IMAGINE Allah will burn the skin of the people of Hell. The skin is the largest organ of the body and the site of sensation where the pain of burning is felt. Allah will replace the burnt skin with a new one to be burnt again, and this will keep on repeating OVER AND OVER AGAIN in Hell:

“Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.” Sura 4:56

Another punishment of Hell is melting. When super-heated water will be poured on their heads, it will melt away the internals:

“…poured upon their heads will be scalding water by which is melted that within their bellies and (their) skins.” Sura 22/19-20

Does this truly say that the physical Skins we have will be like the skins we know in the dunya no it doesn’t If fire was to burn our skin continuously that will be a done deal. You talking about having skin that never get DESTROYED.

And if Janna and Hell is a different plane of existence then we have no way of comprehending it with our physical minds, finite minds and human understanding.

So we have about Janna is that it is a Garden and is commonly overstood to be the place where the righteous go after the final judgment, and the place where Adam, his wife and Iblis once resided before coming to this earthly plane or Al Ard.

Although this realm is described as being similar to Al Ard (to the earth) in that Adam and his wife experience the real human emotion of shame within this realm, we cannot assume that everything used to describe Janna can be taken literally.

Then we have this Unnamed Realm which I take it as to be a Spiritual realm because personally I have not found any formal name in Qur’an which is used to describe the place where the creation of Adam took place and where Iblis made his first desperate act of disobedience, which is why I simply refer to it as the unnamed realm.

However one might conclude that it is a realm that contains the Malaika and may be in close proximity to Allah based on the narratives that take place in this realm as described in Qu’ran.

However, again we must assume that these ayats are allegorical based on the advice that Allah  provides for us in Sura 47/15 and 3/7.

There is further evidence that the unnamed realm thus what I call the temporary spiritual realm is separate from the life of the dunya and that different laws govern these realms. So in this state of bliss in the unnamed realm, spiritual realm Adam and his wife didn’t suffer from hunger, nor were ashame of their nakedness, they didn’t thirst nor suffer from the sun’s heat:

“Then We said: “O Adam! Verily, this is an enemy to you and to your wife. So let him not get you both out of Paradise, so that you will be distressed. Verily, you that never tajūʿa (you will be hungry) therein nor naked. And you (will) not taẓma-u (suffer from thirst) therein nor from the sun’s heat.” Sura 20/117-118

Different aspects of the Nafs:

“No nafsun can really fathom what it will be acquiring tomorrow, nafsun can really (for sure) know in what land it will die” Sura 31: 34

An-Nafs al-’Amara or the self bent on evil : the insinuating self which is wholly evil and totally under the control of passions and bent only on self- gratification. It is totally blind to any higher reality.

“The lower self of man commands to evil acts ” Sura 12:53

An-Nafs al-Lawwama or the self-reproaching self: the reproachful self which is indecisive in choosing between good and evil and is constantly embroiled in an inner struggle. It is unable to overcome the impulses of the lower self while it nonetheless recognises the higher one.

“No, I swear by the self-reproaching self.” (75:2)

An-Nafs al-Mulhama or the inspired self: the self which recognises its faults and strives to correct them.

“By the self and what proportioned it and inspired it with depravity or godliness!” (91:8)

An-Nafs al-Mutma’inna: Finally there is the self at peace which is illuminated and acts according to the good and is therefore liberated

“Ya ayyatuha alnnafsu (self) at peace, return to your Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing. Enter among My servants. Enter My Garden.” (89:27)

 nafs نفس (lower soul) has two actions of that are of two kinds, namely, 

- sins and disobedience of the command of Allah

- base qualities, i.e. pride, envy, avarice, anger, hatred, etc, which are not commendable in law and reason.

The ruh is created from a substance that has no comparison in the existing physical universe, we cannot come to know its qualities. Allah has told us that it ascends and descends, hears, sees and speaks, etc., but these characteristics differ from the physical characteristics which are known. So the way it descends, ascends, hears, sees, stands and sits are different from the things which we know and understand.

So what do I mean by a Spiritual World?

 The spirit world, according to Spiritualism, is the world inhabited by spirits. Though a concept of a spirit world is in the constitution of most religions, it is not “itself the religion”. Whereas religion regards an inner life, the spirit world is regarded as an external environment for spirits. Though independent from the natural world, both the spirit world and the natural world are in constant interaction.

“Surely Allah is He with Whom is the knowledge of the Hour, and He sends down the rain, and He knows what is in the wombs. And no one knows what he will earn on the morrow. And no one knows in what land he will die. Surely Allah is Knowing, Aware.” (31:34)

Sura 31/33 it shows that it relates to the Day of Judgment. So the opening portion of the ayat under consideration, namely, “Surely Allah is He with Whom is the knowledge of the Hour,” means that Allah alone knows when the doomsday will occur. And, naturally, Allah alone knows what questions will be put to man standing before Him on that day, or how he will be judged, or what is expected of him to pass in the severe ordeal or test mentioned in the earlier ayat.

The overstanding I have of the “knowledge of the Hour” is comprehensive enough to include all that. So if all that knowledge is known only to Allah, how has Allah guided man to prepare himself for the judgement?

That is explained in the next part of the ayat: “And He sends down the rain.” The metaphor of “rain coming down from the sky” is employed throughout the Qur’an to illustrate and explain revelation coming down once again into the dunya, the life of this world.  Life (of any kind) in the physical world would not be possible without the rain baiscally water and Allah sent down.

So in the parallel spiritual world, the life of the spirit which means the life which is going to be eternal is not possible without revelation sent down to man by Allah. That revelation was given to man from time to time, through various prophets, to tell him of what is expected of him by his Creator and how he will be judged on the Day of Judgment of which all revealed books and all prophets forewarned their nations.