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Bukhari, chapter 872 (p932 vol.2 on my edition)  Hoor-um-maqsooratun-fil-khiyam  One tent in the Paradise will be an emptied pearl. It will be 60 miles wide. Every tent will have unspecified number of corners and in every corner there will be a multiple number of Hoors. The believer will roam from one corner to the other to (use) these HOORS. Hoors in one corner will not be able to see others because of miles and miles of distance (to let the lusty believer do what he wants).  The funniest part is that Allah will stroll among them wearing a Hijab, the Hijab of His Glory, if that makes any sense to you! 
In Surah 73,  Al-Muzzamil denotes an extremely competent selector of virtuous human beings. He admits the best people into his caravan and takes them along toward a noble destination. He is a great leader. Unfortunately,  Al-Muzzamil has been given a very feeble translation in almost all works meaning someone who is shivering and covering himself  with a blanket! Fabricated Hadith applies this meaning to the condition of the Prophet (S) upon receiving the first Revelation. See the next caption.
In Surah 74, Al-Mudaththir means the Founder of a Most Benevolent Order,  and not "The frightened, shivering man asking for a blanket!"  It is highly tragic that a fabricated story found a place in our ancient history and lives to this day. Tabari, ibn Hisham, Shibli, Maududi et al want us to believe that the exalted Messenger was  terribly frightened at the first Revelation. That he came home shivering and his caring wife Khadijah (RA) covered him with a blanket. She reassured him and then took him to her Christian cousin Waraqah bin Nawfil who was a scholar of the Bible. It was he to confirm that Muhammad (S) had received Revelation through Angel Gabriel! Waraqah still does not embrace Islam! It is amazing that billions have been buying this story for one thousand years. Ladies and gentlemen, will you? 
Salvation vs the Supreme Triumph: It is worth noting that Islam invites and takes humankind above and beyond salvation  (Najaat) to the Supreme Triumph and Signal Victory  (Fauz-o-Falaah) in both Worlds. Salvation is negative in the sense that in this concept a person is delivered from a certain affliction. It is supposed in ancient mythologies that life in itself is a pollution of the soul with matter.
La Yamussuhoo Illal Mutahharoon 56:79 (None touches the Quran but the Mutahharoon) 
Why do Mullahs and Mullanis have problem understanding the Quran? 
N2I meaning: No one touches the Quran but those who have done ablution(wudhu). Will the hands burn? 
Another N2I meaning: Only angels touch the "Master-copy" in the heavens.Sensible understanding: Only those  who approach the Quran with clear minds uncontaminated with pre-conceived notions and extrinsic sources will be able to understand it. 
And the Sunnah Merchants: I have lived in the West for 25 years. I am yet to see any commotion in or outside  a church, mandir, gurdwara or synagogue, as opposed to what we so frequently experience in our masjids. Wrong locations, parking  problems, indiscipline, loud conversations, rush, noise pollution, suffocating ventilation, Imams screaming on loudspeakers, in short, total chaos. 
In the USA the N2Is build multimillion dollar masjids and then go around begging in the name of "fund-raising" thus depleting the community resources and paying huge interests. Often the money ends up in courts due to fighting 'leaders' and factions. What is their output? - More of the Number Two Islam. And no social service at all! Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are doing a much better job of social welfare. It is indeed amazing to see the tolerance of the "Infidel  (Kaafir)" West, public and government. Can any non-Muslim temple create this nuisance in the so-called Islamic countries? 

Verse 9:60 is not about Zakaat.  It is  about Sadaqaat or alms and charity. Frequently, the eight categories mentioned here are preached as the recipients of Zakaat.
9:60 The (funds that the Central Authority receives as) Alms and Charity belong only to the following categories:
  1. 01.   The poor who are not able to earn enough living to meet their basic needs. 
  2. 02.   Those whose running businesses have stalled or the ones who have lost their jobs, who have become needy with their active lives coming to a standstill.
  3. 03.   Officers that have been appointed by the government to collect alms and charity.
  4. 04.   Those who are hindered from joining the Divine System for financial reasons.
  5. 05.   To free men and women from bondage of any kind: physical slavery, unjust captivity, and oppression from any quarters.
  6. 06.   Those pressed under the load of ransom or heavy debt from an enemy.
  7. 07.   Defense of the Ideological State, in the Cause of Allah.
  8. 08.   The wayfarer who becomes needy,  or travels to the believers in destitute condition, and the homeless son of the street. 
  9. 09.   This is a Duty from Allah. He is  the Knower, the Wise and His Commands  are based on Knowledge and Wisdom. 
[It is important to bear in mind an almost universal misconception among Muslim scholars and the masses about the above mentioned eight categories. They understand them  as pertaining to Zakaat. But Zakaat indicates a Just Economic Order where everyone in the society flourishes. The cornerstone of Zakaat is spending whatever is more than we need, in the Cause of Allah (2:219). In more concrete terms that means turning our extra income voluntarily to the Central Authority who, in turn, will transform the State where everyone works according to his capacity and is paid according to his needs.  The Central Authority can set up a mandatory percentage of income as taxes on its citizens which would vary according to the needs of the time, be it 2.5%, 5% or more or less.  The above verse is talking about SADAQAAT (alms and charity) and not ZAKAAT. Sadaqaat are meant to be an interim arrangement applicable any time, until the Divine System is established and the Just Economic Order is set up in the society]
8:67 No captives allowed except temporarily as the prisoners of war. And they must be freed once the war is over (47:4). 
Slavery was abolished by the Quran, by the exalted Messenger. But N2Is like Mullah Maududi insist it is still allowed. Moreover, he writes, "The POW women should be distributed among the Muslim soldiers and the soldiers should use them." How about Muslim women captured by the "Infidels"? Shame on his followers! 
The Mullah will translate this verse something like this: "It is not befitting for a prophet that he hold captives until he has shed sufficient blood on earth -------." 
8:67 It is beyond the dignity of a Prophet that he may hold any captives, except temporarily, during warfare. [They must be freed at the conclusion of hostilities by way of kindness,  for ransom such as exchange of prisoners of war, and there is no third option 47:4] You may desire the fleeting gains of this world, but Allah desires for you (the good of) Eternity. For, Allah is Almighty, Wise. (He knows your true welfare).
 MUBAHILA (A cursing contest) is a terribly important, though fabricated, concept among Qadianis and Shiites.  Only the former practise it today  nding up with nothing but embarrassment and apologies. The latter call it Eid, a Festival.The Fake history makes the so-called Muslims ignore the Book of Allah, draining their energies  in petty disputations and waste of time. No wonder they are humiliated everywhere. 
3:61 If anyone argues with you concerning him (Jesus) after the Knowledge has come to you, then say, “Come! Let us call upon our children, and your children, and our women and your women, and our people and your people to leave one another alone knowing that Allah's condemnation is upon the liars.” (‘Bahl’ = To leave alone = Let someone hold on to his views = Let others do as they will = Erroneously, but commonly, 'Mubahila' = A contest of mutual cursing. The word is not present in the Quran). 
[This verse is commonly subject to conjecture through  'Shan-e-Nuzool'. Some exponents assert that the exalted Prophet is being told here to run a cursing contest with some disputing Christians from Najran! - That the Christian debaters brought their families and the Prophet (S) brought in with him Hazraat Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain. Seeing the noble  Ahle-Bayt (Household), the Christians became frightened and ran away from the contest. Doesn't the story betray the intention of the fabricators trying to prove the glory of aforementioned personalities?] 
The Bible says the Forbidden Tree was that of knowlege. Mullah says it was wheat. But it is a plant, not tree. Other Mullahs say it was sex.  In fact, the Tree signifies branching and division among humankind. 
7:19 “O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Garden and eat from whatever you may wish; but do not approach this one tree, lest you become wrongdoers.” [Contrary to the popular beliefs that the Forbidden Tree was the tree of knowledge, fruit of  this plant and that plant, or of sexual charms, it refers to humanity dividing itself like the branches of a tree 2:35-36, 2:213, 20:120] 
Al-Quran is the most pitiable book in the world. It is 'recited' at supersonic speed. It is "finished" by N2Is 5-10-20 times in Ramadhan. It carries the distinction of being the only book in the world which is read without understanding. Almost all its translations and explanations are victims of fabricated Hadith, and thus, make  no sense or convey wrong meanings. Moreover, the Ummah sings it in competition. 
Ask any Mullah or a Muslim misguided by the Mullahs about adopting a child. The response will most likely be blurted like this: “Oh, no! In Islam, it is Haraam (Absolutely Forbidden) to adopt a child.” How ruthless and outrageous! Our criminal Mullahs have decided not only to forsake the Book of Allah, but to go 180 degrees opposite to it. They try to bar Muslims from doing a most noble deed in this instance. And they never tire of telling that the exalted Prophet had adopted Hazrat Zaid bin Haritha as his son. Now see what the Glorious Quran states. Very sensibly, the Book tells us not to conceal the facts from adopted children. Many of us have seen the innocent children undergoing shock when someone tells them later that their real parents are/were some other people?
33:5 Name your adopted children after their fathers; that is more just in the Sight of God. And if you do not know who their fathers were, then they are your brothers, sisters and friends in faith. You shall treat them as family members. There is no blame on you for an un-intentional mistake. What counts is  the intention of your hearts, for God is Forgiving, Merciful. 
2:220 And they ask you about the orphaned children. Say, “A progressive upbringing is best for them, that they get educated and learn skills, finally becoming independent members of the society. If you mix your belongings and property with theirs, or if they live with you, treat them well (as family members.)” God knows well the wrongdoer from the righteous. ---.
Muslims in general get confused at  the hands of Mullahs, the so-called Ulama. The obvious reason is their abandonment of the Book of Allah. Here is the clear, Ultimate Quranic Guidance.  The Quran gives some very important and clear Laws for divorce in addition in 2:228-234, 4:3, 4:19, 4:35, 4:128, 33:49, 58:1-3, 65:1-4. 
  According to the Quran, there is absolutely no room for an instant divorce. The process must take months with involvement of arbiters in order to allow reconciliation between the husband and wife. 
It is highly unfortunate and shameful that Muslim jurists have been ignoring  and practically revoking these clear  verses of the Book of Allah for centuries, in favor of their own conjecture. According to their exploitative and erroneous edicts, if a husband utters the word "Divorce" three times in  anger or under any kind of duress or even in a stage drama or movie, divorce takes effect instantly. What a mockery of the Quran! They are then decrared unlawful for each other and anyone eating or drinking in their homes commits Haraam! 
 It is interesting to note that the so called  Fuqaha (Jurist Mullahs) who otherwise uphold Hadith in preference to the Word of Allah, conveniently disregard even their 'treasure' whenever it suits their whims or purpose. In this instance, there is a Hadith in Ibn Majah. The exalted Prophet is reported to have said,  La talaqa fil Ighlaq = There is absolutely no divorce under any kind of duress, coercion, suddenness, anger etc. This Hadith which is in  total harmony with the Quran remains obscure to or hidden by the Ulama. 
 65:1 O Prophet! When you men intend to divorce women, make sure that the waiting period is observed. Keep precise account of this interim period. Be mindful of Allah, your Lord. Never expel them from THEIR homes, nor shall they themselves leave their homes unless they commit open immorality. ----.
 65:2 And so, when they have reached their waiting term, either retain them in kindness or part with them in kindness. And let there be two just  persons among you to witness, and establish the evidence straight for Allah. -----.
Three months of attempts to effect reconciliation by arbiters is one of the pre-requisites for divorce. 4:35 (Families and communities must adopt a proactive approach regarding a husband and a wife in discord). If you fear a breach between a husband and wife, appoint two arbiters, one from his family and one from her family. If they decide to reconcile, Allah will help them get together. Verily, Allah is Knower, Aware. 
2:229 In a given couple's lifetime, a divorce is permissible twice. (The whole period of divorce i.e. three menstruations / three months, or until delivery can be taken back twice). ------.
Here comes the most shameful deed unique to the Mullahs in the whole world. They maintain that for reconciliation, the senselessly divorced woman has to go through Halaala (planned marriage with another man for one night followed by divorce in the morning. And it must involve sexual intercourse!). Mullahs offer their own "Noble Services" for being the bridegroom for one night and even charge a hefty fee for it! "Authorized" Halaala offices abound in many so-called Muslim countries!  
2:230 If a man divorces his wife on a third different time during their marital life, it shall be unlawful for him to remarry her. It may so happen that the woman marries another man, and those two do not get along, and the other husband divorces her. In that case, there is nothing wrong if both (the previous couple) decide to come together  again, if they consider that they will be able to observe  the Limits set by Allah. These Limits have been made clear for people to make use of the Divine gift of knowledge (and make no crookedness in the Straight Path). [There is no room in the Quran for the so-called ‘Halalah’, a shameful, manmade custom where a divorced woman is made to spend an intimate night with another man under wedlock with a preplanned divorce in the morning! I call it ‘Haramah’]
The word Khula' does not appear in the Quran. It is an Imamist fabrication meaning that a woman seeking divorce has to go to a court of law begging for it, a process that takes upto 30 years in the "Muslim" societies). 4:19 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! It is not lawful for you to force women into marrying or holding on to them in marriage against their will. ------.
01.  1 - No waiting if untouched.
02.  2 - Three menstrual periods in women with normal physiology.
03.  3 - Three months for those who do not habitually menstruate (or have irregular cycles).
04.  4 - Four months ten days for a widow (for resolution of grief).
2:228 After divorce, women shall wait three menstruations before remarriage. There is no waiting period for a woman who is divorced before intimate relations with her husband (33:49). And it is three months if they do not habitually menstruate (65:4).  They shall not conceal pregnancy if they believe in Allah and in the Hereafter. In case of pregnancy, their waiting period shall be until delivery  (65:4). And during this period their husbands would do better to take them back if both of them desire reconciliation. The husband and the wife have the right to reconcile during this waiting period of the wife. Women, by Ordinance, have rights similar to men. Men, however, do not have a waiting period for remarriage for obvious physiological reasons. That  is where men are on a platform different from them. (2:228-234, 4:3,  4:19, 4:35, 4:128, 33:49, 58:1, 65:1-4). The Waiting Period is four months ten days for widows. (2:234) Those  among you who die and leave wives behind, they shall wait four months and ten days before they remarry. ---. 
 The Quran places only one restriction, remarriage. But under the "Imamist" influence a divorced Muslim woman or widow is  expected to live a life of complete asceticism and deprivation during the Waiting Period. She is told not to leave her home, see any visitors, participate in any ceremnoies, socialize in any form, dress decently, wear new clothes, comb well, use perfumes or use even light make-up, etc etc.

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