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SALAAT,Dnt befriend Christians/Jews?

“Wa allazina yumassakuna bil-kitabi wa aqamus-Salaata inna la nudhi’u ajral-Muslihin”

“Those who hold on to the Book and establish Salaat, surely we do not let them lose their reward.” (7:170)

Those who hold on to the Book are the reformers in God’s view, and in all times to come, they will be those who will stick steadfastly with divine revelation and will enforce it. If we stick with the book just orally, and do nothing for its implementation, not acting upon its commandments or make it a life line, then “holding on to the Book” would mean nothing at all.  Holding on to some book simply means to act upon what it specifies. 

Therefore, beyond doubt, the meaning of “Aqamus-Salaat” here …which comes after the words “yumassikuna bilKitab”, can only be the order of enforcement of this Book (Quran).


“Ask them who is the One Who sent down the Book that Musa carried with him which was enlightenment and guidance for human beings – and which you scattered into pieces.  You play with it by displaying some of it and you conceal most of it, inspite of the fact that you and your elders were given that knowledge which you were not aware of.  Say; He is the God who revealed that Book, then leave them with their evil ways”.  (6:91).

Opposing to that, a Momin’s way of life:

“And we sent down this inspiring Book which authenticates the earlier ones so that you may warn the people of Ummul Qura and surroundings, and those who believe in the hereafter as well as in this Book, and safeguard their Salaat”. (6:92).

Dear readers, please read surah Maryam, A“Maryam”, “al-araaf” and “anaam”, to see the meaning of Salaat. Our clergy made it into a namaz, now newer thoughts are rejecting namaz but making salaat into a personal contact between God and the individual. We are committing crime of interpolation which was committed by the religious leadership of earlier communities.

Which means that the fundamental concept of a justice based magnificent society, under divine commandments, where everyone should be provided with his rights at his door step, was converted into the concept of a mere ritual of worship.

The term “Al-Salaat” is describing a system that encompasses all the phases of efforts starting from revelation of divine commandments up to the official enforcement thereof upon a society?  Therefore, the Momins safeguard it and strive to achieve the ultimate goal to implement it in a society.  Surah Maida

“Your patrons are only Allah, his messenger and those believers who establish Salaat and discipline of Zakaat, and remain submitted to Him”. (5:55).

Note that this verse specifies three characteristics of Momins.

  They are those who:

1) Institute Salaat
2) Complete the duty of providing sustenance
3) And remain bowed to Him.

If this verse is meant for an individual alone as a ritual, then it doesn’t make any sense, because once you have performed it as a ritual, then the keep in rukooh to him does not make any sense. It is a continuous act

If we understand that Salaat is to establish the laws in the Quran, it is the fundamental goal of enforcing the divine directives, the matter will be clear. If the laws in the Quran are to be realized, then certainly, the Momineens would not only carry out the duty of establishment of Salaat, but they will remain obedient and vigilant for all orders issued under the system.
That is Rukooh, to remain obedient to all orders issued under the system of Salaat.

Same order is given in 2:43, after instituting of Salaat and provision of Zakaat, there is the order to bow down along with the obedient ones.


5:56 As to those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers, - it is the fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph.

Friend of Allah, His messenger and believers are called Allah’s party.

Now the next verse show those who are forbidden to befriend along with a reason:-

“O believers don’t befriend those from people of the book and disbelievers, who take your DEENAKUM as a thing of frivolous pastime.  And take precaution and keep vigilance in respect of God’s commandments, if you are Momin”.


Don’t befriend those who ridicule your DEEN

I.E only those among people of the book and kuffars who ridicule your DEEN are forbidden to befriend. Those who degrade the DEEN to the level of PASSTIME

We have to find out WHAT they have taken as “PASSTIME”?


5:58. “When you call them towards Salaat they take it as a pastime for the reason that they do not use intellect”.

It is in the above verse made thoroughly comprehensible that those among ahl Kitab and kufaars who took Momineens DEEN as a pastime, used to ridicule it when called to join that ideology.

In verse 5:57 the act that was called DEEN (Ideology) is the SAME act that is called AS SALAAT in 5:58

This Verse does not speak of people of the book as a whole, but clarifies that some of the people of the book were against this code, as this code of life was against their interests.  That was why they had scorned the divine discipline and the Momineens were forbidden to make friendship with those who laughed at their Salaat, their DEEN.

Dear readers, please make up your own mind and see for yourself, the Deen is called Al Salaat, and It is to be implemented, AQEEM.

Team Aastana

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